Shaved Ice

Shaved ice is a simple, easy-to-make treat. In fact, it can be easy to make yourself, if you’re looking for a basic way to satisfy your sweet tooth. However, shaved ice doesn’t have to be simple. With the right ingredients and a dedicated sweets-maker, shaved ice can be just as decadent or satisfying as the moistest cake or the most appetizing pie.

Signature shaved ice desserts are our specialty! We make our shaved ice truly special with two main components: the flavored ice and the toppings. Our flavored ice comes in a number of appealing flavors, ranging from vanilla to mango to coffee to taro. Whether you’re looking for a constant flow of sweetness or some tanginess to offset the sugar, we have the flavor for you! Our toppings, however, truly elevate our shaved ice beyond the simple street treat – we offer affogato, cheesecake, Pina colada, and many more flavors.

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