Gourmet Desserts

Desserts come in nearly limitless forms. From classic cookies to pudding to elaborate cakes to colorful macarons, there’s a sweet treat that will fit any occasion or preference. Sometimes, a dessert that is usually made simply can be elevated to decadent, gourmet status that’s as pleasing to look at as it is to eat.

We offer gourmet desserts at great prices! We pride ourselves on taking a dessert that is usually seen as “simple,” and transforming it into a dazzling mountain of sugary delight. Gourmet shaved ice is our specialty! We achieve this through our usage of new, appetizing snow flavors, which range from peanut butter chocolate to strawberry to root beer. Then, we top it off with a wonderful array of toppings, which come either pre-packaged with our selection of flavors or are offered individually. Our shaved ice is as high-quality and delicious as they come!

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