Gluten Free Brownies

Typically, brownies are made with flour and vanilla extract, both of which contain gluten. This can pose a problem for people with a gluten intolerance, those with celiac disease, or anyone looking to go gluten-free. It may be beneficial to seek out gluten free brownie recipes, or find a dessert shop that sells high-quality gluten free products.

We offer gluten free brownies as a part of our health-conscious recipes. We believe that sweets and desserts don’t have to be egregiously unhealthy, high in sugar, or contain gluten at all, which is why we strive to make health-conscious sweets that do not sacrifice taste or quality. Try our gluten free brownie bites as part of our Polar Affogato recipe, which also comes topped with high-quality cocoa powder and a healthy drizzle of chocolate sauce!

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